Winter Nationals 2017

Midwest Winter Nationals 2017

The Midwest Winter Nationals are coming up!  We will be there with our Pulling Fuel for sale.  Be sure and ask us about all of the great new things happening at Colberg Hi Performance Tractor this year.  Swing by and say hello, we’d love to chat with you.  Fair Valley Performance and Repair and VG Motorsports will also be selling our fuels at the nationals this year.

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Micro Blue. The straight story.


Our good customer Marty Buth is an active drag racer holding the Official Class National Record in N/SA (Stock Automatic) in his Mustang – 111.51mph / 11.39ET for 1/4 mile. Marty is also a disciplined statistician. He tracks dozens of aspects of each race as well as his engine performance – with the goal of constantly adjusting to conditions for a competitive edge.

Colberg’s recently ran every moving part of Marty’s engine through Micro Blue. There were no other mechanical changes.

DATE                                         8/9/2014    6/5/2016
ET                                             12.539        12.449
MPH                                          103.71        105.18
Corrected HP                             258             268
HP Correction Factor                 1.05846      1.05741
Density Altitude                          2460           2034
Vapor Pressure                          0.765          0.532
Uncorrected HP                         243.75        253.45

The results are clear.

 Micro Blue Sometimes Even Surprises Us.During research and development of our new MaxThrottle and FullThrottle racing fuels we really hammered a test engine.

The Hot-Farm Class International DT466 we used for testing went through 165 full on Dyno runs and roughly 50 on-the-track races. Month-after-month.

We had Micro Blued every moving part before we started testing our new fuels.

After all that battering, we completed a tear-down out of fear of a catastrophic failure knowing the pressure we had put on the motor.

To suggest we were surprised would be an understatement. The Micro Blue parts show negligible wear. In fact, many of the key components are going back in the engine.

These are actual bench photos. They have not been corrected or modified – they are as they came out of the engine.

Micro Blue. Truly amazing.

Colberg Hosts TRACTORTRAVEL.NL and Their Guests

Mark and Stacy Colberg and all of the Colberg Technicians were once again honored to host Dick and Anne-Marie Meijer of TRACTOR TRAVEL. NL and their guests.

This enthusiastic group of tractor pullers from the Netherlands spent a day at the Colberg facility learning of specialized pulling-tractor products and services developed by the Colberg Team.

Mark introduced the new Colberg Dyno Service and shared details on many of the custom parts produced by the in-house milling machines. organizes International travel expeditions for tractor enthusiasts. Travelers visit farms, factories, collectors and performance shops.

We were delighted to meet and share with this wonderful group and look forward to the next visit!

Colberg Visits Battle of the Bluegrass Pulling Series

Mark Colberg of Colberg Hi-Performance Tractor Repair in Freeport, Illinois, attended the Battle of the Bluegrass Pulling Series (BOB Series) championship pull in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  As a Sponsor of the event Mark was on hand to lend further support to one of the Premier Pulling weekends in the Midwest.

Mark was able to share information about the new MicroBlue Superfinishing and Coating technology offered exclusively by Colberg  Hi-Performance Tractor, and demonstrated the effectiveness of the process to many event participants. Tom McConnell, President of the Battle of the Blugrass Pulling Series, conducted an inciteful interview of Mark during a break in the festivities. See the interview here: Mark Colberg and Micro Blue

The pull was a fund raiser for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.  As a result of the success of the pull over $12,000 was donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

The pull was also the championship pull for the BOB Series. Over 130 pullers, plus over 100 Antique pullers were in attendance at the event.  The BOB Series was able to capture the Saturday night action on film.  To check out the highlights, please click on the links below and to find out who won the points championships, click on the Current Point Standings link to the left.

For information on this event, or the Battle of the Bluegrass Pulling Series, please go to their website at